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Pokemon Dragons

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pokemon Dragons
Pokemon DragonDragonair is a character from the Pokémon series. His name derives from the union of the noun “dragon” and his own proper name “Debonair”. This name respectively talks about to the nature of this dragon and his good nature. Additionally, since his name contains the word “air”, it means he is an airborne dragon.

It can be said that he looks like a serpent of sea, although he has dragon characteristics. His body is blue and white, long and smooth. It has a small horn in his front and two protuberances that appear to be wings, located at both sides of the head.

Dragonair lives near lakes or seas, and stores an enormous amount of energy in his body. Although he lacks wings at his back, the ones located near his head get to enlarge when it is time to fly. In addition, it can unload his power through present crystalline spheres in his neck and tail. It causes his body to shine calmly, giving him a mystical aspect. It is also said that Dragonair is able to control the weather.

In the videogames, Pokémon Blue and Red, the powers of Dragonair are greater to the average Pokémon.


Salamence is another dragon from the series. He is an animal of great size, able to breathe fire; he is quadruped and it has two great red, semicircular wings. Salamence is the final form of the evolutionary process of Bagon: that stage can be considered to be his “larval” one, and Shelgon is his second state.

The process by which Shelgon is transformed into Salamence is quite touching: the Pokémon has always dreamt that he could grow wings and fly. Like Shelgon, he wished during so many years to have wings that this great yearning influenced in his evolutionary process and produced the mutation on his cells.

This evolutionary process is similar to the one mentioned in some Chinese dragon myths and legends: stories about a dragon that managed to develop wings after a thousand years of life.

Salamence has a good personality, but when he gets angry he is able to destroy everything that surrounds him. In the videogames, Salamence is the evolution of a Shelgon at level 50. Shelgon, as well, is the evolution of Bagon, a wild Pokémon.


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