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Monday, December 21, 2009

DRAGON WARS: D-War is based on the Imoogi legend that only exists in Korea. An Imoogi is a serpent that by possessing the Yuh Yi Joo can transform into a dragon.
I was following this new movie for some time on the Korean web site d-war.com, mainly because of the Visual Effects (VFX) in the movie which has been done by younggu-art.
You can watch the Korean trailer or the US trailer on the US web site.
The VFX are looking impressive and very well done. I did not watch the movie itself so can’t say much about the story beside the synopsis below.
The Director and Writer of D-War Hyung Rae Shim is often called the George Lucas of Asia. Shim established Younggu Art Movies in 1993 with a vision of making high concept science fiction films using state of the art computer technology. DRAGON WARS: D-WAR is his seventh feature film.
I came up with the concept of DRAGON WARS: D-WAR ten years ago with the goal to create a science-fiction film based on a Korean legend. My intentions were to combine myth and history with elements of a blockbuster science fiction film. The drama of the 5000 year-old Korean legend, the dragon, is the basis of the DRAGON WARS: D-War screenplay.” (Hyung Rae Shim)

Short Synopsis
Dragon-like creatures from an ancient legend appear in Los Angeles, scale buildings, flip cars and terrorize the city in search for a girl named Sarah. While investigating one of the disaster sites, a TV reporter Ethan, uncovers a piece of debris which directly links him to this legend. Ethan must realize his destiny as an ancient warrior who was re-born to protect Sarah from the evil dragons and save the city from total destruction.

Long Synopsis:
The story begins with Ethan Kendrick, a TV reporter. While investigating a disaster that occurred at the Seven Palms Resort, he notices that the ground is turned up all around and forklifts have been tumbled over. It looks like a hurricane has gone by. Ethan notices the FBI investigator dusting off a specimen with a brush. It looks like a giant dinosaur fossil or scale. He videotapes it on his Handycam.
Back at CGNN Headquarters in downtown, Ethan examines the image of the scale. While he is looking at his computer screen, he has a flashback to when he was a boy. At an antique shop with his father, young Ethan meets a man named Jack. The old man tells him a story about giant serpents called Imoogi, a story that most have presumed to be merely a legend.
Five hundred years ago in ancient Korea, a baby girl was born with a gift called the Yuh Yi Joo. The Yuh Yi Joo will completely form inside her by the time she turns twenty. An Imoogi who possesses it can transform itself into a dragon. An old monk and his disciple are the only two who believe this legend and try to protect the Yuh Yi Joo bearing girl. Haram, the warrior who is charged with protecting her falls in love with her. Instead of sacrificing her to the Imoogi, the two lovers plunge to their deaths. Jack tells young Ethan that he is the old monk re-incarnated and that Ethan is the warrior. The old man tells Ethan he must find a girl named Sarah, who bears the mark of a dragon on her shoulder. He is to take her to the Grand Cave on her twentieth birthday.
Ethan searches for this mysterious woman named Sarah. Meanwhile, the Evil Imoogi, named Buraki has appeared in Los Angeles with its army of foot soldiers and beasts. The FBI also connect the disaster and the scale to Sarah. They are all looking for Sarah .
Ethan must protect Sarah from the Imoogi and save the city from total destruction. Ethan must ultimately choose between love and destiny.


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