3D map

make a dragon come to u

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Items you will need

* 1 page of paper
* 1 pen or pencil

Casting Instructions for ' make a dragon come to u'

*this inquires writing*first write the name of the dragon u want then write how old it is then write what kind it is(frost,fire ext)then write ive its good or bad then rip the paper up and throw it out a window,door ext and in a few months it will be here


Anonymous said...

my son really likes dragons, he wants a dragon backpack, i saw ur backpacks, and would like to know how much these go for, how long do they last, are they kid proof, meaning when he takes it to school and uses it each and everyday will it hold up or was it meant to just be a once in awhile toy? Thanks Sari

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but the Leather backpack was hand made and i dont think its for sale.

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